About | Raksha Yoga


Welcome to Raksha Yoga Centre.  Leave your daily stresses behind and let our experienced Instructors  work with you to ease your body back into a healthy, pain free state. The way you were meant to be.


Why Yoga?

Yoga is a mind-body exercise that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. While there are many styles of yoga, in general, every style includes postures (asanas), meditation, and breathing techniques (pranayama). With regular practice, yoga builds physical strength and flexibility while reducing stress and improving the mind-body connection.


Yoga health benefits include reduced blood pressure, increased focus, a deeper spiritual mind/body connection, more energy, and better sleep at night. Many elements of yogic philosophy, such as loving kindness, compassion and non-judgment, may also influence an individual lifestyle as they adopt healthier habits and make more positive, life-affirming choices.


Commitment to Excellence

Our mission at the Raksha Yoga Centre is to provide exceptional yoga instruction in an atmosphere that promotes growth and community.


Celebrating Diversity

Raksha Yoga Centre embraces inspirational teachings from a wide variety of methods. Our experienced staff of well trained teachers provides a unique opportunity for all levels of practitioners to explore different forms of yoga in a safe setting


Cultivating Wholeness

Raksha Yoga Centre uses the basic principles of movement and alignment to support and encourage the active development of body, mind and spirit


Joyful Heart

Ultimately we hope your experience at the Raksha Yoga Centre is one that inspires joy and heartfelt living.