The best way to compete in the medical care sector and work shoulder to shoulder with some of the best healthcare centers such as Avalon Medical is to be transparent in practice. Whether it is in the treatment procedure or in the billing process, service quality or in the attitude it is required to have a cultural change in practice. This will help all the healthcare centers to monitor their performance improvement using objective data rather than solely relying on perception. However, it is seen that most hospitals and medical centers are very slow and even reluctant in embracing transparency.

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Best use of data


Ideally, those clinics and hospitals that lack transparency in their practice should make the best use of the objective data. They should Learn more from the data rather than worry about what goes out to the public or what people may think about their practice and changes made. Add to that, litigations sometimes lead to tight and undesired clinical outcomes, patient safety data and others. However, this data should be used by them to be more aggressive in encouraging practices that will eventually improve clinical efficiency and quality. Therefore, knowing about some of these practices will help them to move toward transparency and higher level of performance.

The accountability factor

The level of accountability is also another factor that hinders in the transparency in practice by several healthcare centers and hospitals. It is seen that most of these healthcare providers incline to grab different programs or buzzwords but seldom have the proper knowledge to execute them effectively whether it is in process improvement or service quality. Ideally, the organizations should make a few changes in a few core aspects such as leadership training, evaluation system, accountability, and level of performance. All this will have a positive effect on the final results.